The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage is now available to order from your local library

E-reader showing cover for The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage by Halima Khatun, lying on top of and beside leaflets and a pen on a white wooden slatted surface beside half a cup of black coffee.

You can request my debut novel, The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage, from your local library.  In fact I’d insist you do.  The libraries, which are slowly opening, have been hit hard by the pandemic. The fact that their very existence has been threatened, makes my heart sad.  You see, the humble library has helped me in so many ways.  When I was younger, I’d be constantly loaning books, which fed my bookworm ways.  As an adult, libraries were something of a lifeline after the birth of my daughter.  I’d go to all the rhyme time, mother and baby, storytime groups that were going.  Partly for Hannah’s development, mostly for my sanity.  So now more than ever, the libraries need our support.  They need us to take out books, pay them a safe visit, and generally prove that they are a much-needed part of society.  Yes, I make more money from someone buying my book, but not everybody can.  That’s where libraries are magic. They make reading accessible for everyone. And now more than ever, an even playing field is exactly what we need.  

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